Looking forward to the L-Dub...

I've been kicking around the idea of a weekly Little White water level update and with the encouragement from Austin Rathmann it's been flipped from an idea to reality.
As the season starts on the L-Dub, as many L-Dub paddlers know, It goes from as low as it gets to questioning wheather it's too high for the first run of the season. Just like the first rapid on the run, when the LW is back in it's in your face and full on from the start. I'm predicting early Dec. for the first run, but that is just a guess on my part. Right now it's still holding at??? well I would say about 1.1ft.

Billy Jones in the middle of Island Rapid @ 3.5ft.
*taken in 05' notice no wood downstream of Island.

I have re-marked the stick gage at the put in since it was only reading at the 4ft. mark and everything below this was washed away and hard to read. I didn't change any markings, I only added the lines back where the paint has been washed away. I will post every Tuesday and Friday with a L-Dub water level update as the season continues. Enjoy and hope for a long season on one of the best all around class V day runs in the world!

*Check back for a B.C. photo update soon...

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Jay Gifford said...

Great Idea!!! The Mill A Compound bi-weekly updates...Bring the rain!