L-Dub with ice & UUCispus waterfalls

Late January of this year was almost too cold to go kayaking here in the gorge. For those of you who are familiar with the Little White, we came up on the entry to Gettin Busy and the right channel was blocked by a wall of ice hanging from the overhead tree. We even had one shuttle (usually 25 minutes) take 4 hours due to the weather conditions!
Video footage coming in Northwest Video Scrapbook VI of Rob Bart, Austin Rathmann, Joe Stumpfel, Jay Gifford, and Andy Round who were willing to brave the conditions and go kayaking.

Here are a few photos from an Upper Upper Cispus River trip last fall. Copyright Lana Young Photography

Jesse Becker, first day in town, First Falls

Ryan Scott, First Falls

Nate Herbeck, Gail Falls

Video footage of Gail Falls can be seen in Nate Herbecks new release Toxic Waters
Premiere February 16th at the River City in Hood River, OR

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