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The Canyon Creek Race on Saturday was a blast! It was great to see so many people show up for the event and a HUGE thanks to all the organizers for setting it up and bumping the event back about a month for better flows, as well as Mike Olsen for hosting the big party!

The crew at the finish line

Brian Little taking home 1st in Men's K-1 Advanced

Paul Gamache and Scott Waidelich cleaning up the R2 class

A small group of us went up for a run on Copper Creek early Sunday morning and made it back just in time for the freestyle event at Sunset Falls, which was very entertaining!

Todd Baker dropping the big falls on Copper Creek

Josh McKeown in the final five canyon

Highlights from the freestyle event include Paul Gamache and Jim Busse attempting a freewheel in the R2, Todd Anderson dropping from the river left into the main falls (seal launch to free fall to plug), and the under age crew, Devin M., Rob V., and many others, running all the lines every which way you can think of off of Sunset Falls. Todd Anderson took home the gold in this event and you can see all the action in Northwest Video Scrapbook VI.

Jim Busse's first try at the open boat

One of the many raft lines off Sunset

After the events we stopped by Big Tree Falls on the way out to see if the warm weather had brought up the flow for this nice park n huck. It looked a little low, but we did have one paddler in the group give it a go, twice.

Devin Morton running Big Tree Falls

Devin on the exit drop

Now from one great race and on to another! We are anxiously awaiting the Little White Race this coming weekend with a slight bump up in the level this past weekend it's sitting at 3.5 feet right now and everyone seems to be pretty fired up! The downriver section of the race will be held on Saturday the 19th and it will start from just below the entry rapid in Gettin Busy to the pool below Wishbone Falls. Get out there and find the race lines, there are many on this section of the river!For more details on the Little White Race check out the latest post from LVM TV

I have updated the contents for Northwest Video Scrapbook VI to include the Canyon Creek Race 2008 & Sunset Freestyle 2008 as well as these contents:

Intro-your PNW paddlers
Sullivan Creek, Washington
6 Mile Creek, Alaska
Hoffstadt Creek, Washington
Jacob Cruser's PNW missions
Toxic Waters Weekend in Hood River
Vancouver Island's very own, Gordon River
CRG Winter Update - It's been cold this winter
Events - Wind River Race 2008, Canyon Creek Race 2008, & Sunset freestyle 2008
Charlie Munsey Interview brought to you by Humbled by Water
CRG Spring Classics - Hike n Huck on Eagle Creek, Oregon
Working on plan B - Carnage reel
Slide Show by Keel Brightman Photography
and much more...

Music includes: A band called L.I.F.E., Scull Soup, Quandry, Sandpeople, Silversafe, Son of Rust, Jesse Becker, & the infamous Fred Mackintire.

Northwest Video Scrapbook Disc VI will be premiering at the Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival on May 17th, as well as other venues and dates throughout the Pacific Northwest in May and June. Check the premieres page here for shows in your local area.

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