Northwest Video Scrapbook 7 Trailer

Northwest Video Scrapbook 7 coming out November 1, 2008
A few notable trips this summer that will be included in the disc are: *3 days on the Middle Feather, CA *2 trips to the Salmon River Canyon, OR *5 days on the Middle Kings, CA *Succor Creek, OR *New adventures on Eagle Creek, OR *Big air at the Upper Clack Fest *Part One of the L-Dub In Depth *The boys at the Beaver Lodge have been keeping the Gorge exciting this summer with Kenobi, Lewis, Silver, UpperUpper, multiple sheriff calls at the L-Dub and much more.. Check out the preview below. Northwest Video Scrapbook 7 releasing November 1, 2008!

Contents Include:
CRG Summer Update 2008
Middle Feather, CA (Devil's Canyon)
Cali Summer by Chris Korbulic
Middle Kings River, CA
Succor Creek, OR
LNF Clearwater, ID
L-Dub In Depth Summer 1993 & 2008
some carnage
and much more..

Music - I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few great local musicians over the past year, here are a few that will be featured in Northwest Video Scrapbook #7

I-MC - Bay Area, CA - www.inevitablemc.com

Quandry - Salem/Portland OR - www.quandryband.com

Everyday Prophets - Portland, OR - www.everydayprophets.com

The Crafty Bastards - Bellingham, WA

Richard Tillinghast , White Salmon, WA - www.richardtillinghast.com

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Looks good man. Looking forward to it! Lanson