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I have a random question and the first person who can post the answer in the comments will receive a free dvd copy of The Collections from CRG Productions. (only 3 copies of this disc were made due to a print error)
This disc includes previously released chapters,
2003 Green River Narrows, NC Road Trip
2004 Lacamas Creek TR
Rattlesnake Sessions 2007
Keel's First Time
not yet released chapters,
The best of the L-Dub 'every rapid'
Sullivan Creek 2007 TR (coming in Disc VI)
One bad ass carnage segment, and more....

The question is: What was Spirit Falls on the Little White Salmon River, WA called before the first descent of this drop? One person ran it and the name Spirit stuck, what was it before this?

If you don't want to post in the comments send you answer to CRGProductions@gmail.com

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reynier said...

Big Falls. The Native Americans probably had a more creative name, but no one was around to ask in 1992.