Try and try again...

Last week I convinced a few paddlers that Hagen gorge would be good, possibly even high water! I have tried to get on Hagen at higher flows a # of times, but it always seems to be the same flow in there. I think the peak flash flood day is the only way to see this run at high flows. After this run I have come to one conclusion...the water level on Hagen can never be too high!
*All photos by Keel Brightman Photography

The first waterfall...Hagen Daaz
Austin Rathmann dropping into Euphoria

A rare dry boof off of Teakettle Falls

Austin givin it at Double Falls

Jarred Jackman second drop in Double Falls

The take-out

Directions: You can find directions for this creek and many other exploratory runs in the Pacific Northwest at OregonKayaking.net

Flows: No lower than 7,000 on the Washougal River, however this drainage seems to act on its own, and is only at a med/high level at peak rain and a high freezing level.

Photos by Keel Brightman Photography

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Michae said...

I tried several times to run Hagen at high water, but was always denied the joy due to snow levels, changing forecasts, and mysterious drainage flows. I still would love to get in there during a peak rainstorm. I to agree that it cannot be too high, although watch out for Teakettle...