Northwest Video Scrapbook VI - World Premiere

O.k. after days, weeks, months, & years of work, Northwest Video Scrapbook VI will be premiering in Boise, ID this weekend, Saturday May 3rd. details below...

Just to give you an idea on where Northwest Video Scrapbook from, I have been kayaking and exploring here in the Columbia River Gorge for over 9 years now and I have met so many paddlers and friends along the way. Northwest Video Scrapbook was developed just for those people, the paddlers and friends that I have been lucky enough to paddle with, explore new adventures, and run some amazing whitewater with. There are so many paddlers in the Pacific Northwest and most tend to stay in local groups as most paddlers have their favorite stretches of whitewater close by, but when flows and conditions are right these paddlers venture out and cross over into other paddlers backyard runs. I have consistantly explored this area and after 9 years I still feel as if I haven't even scratched the surface of exploring the rivers and creeks here.

The reason this release is called VI is because it is the sixth disc I have put together. The first five were given away to friends as they were made just for fun (These chapters can be seen on Oregonkayaking.net under 'Video Journals of Ryan Scott'), this disc picks up where those left off and I have included editing and cinematography from a few local paddlers, Jacob Cruser has edited a chapter from his recent adventures & Austin Rathmann has edited an Eagle Creek mission and his monumental Charlie Munsey Interview is a must see! I also brought in music from our local bands, and I've made the step toward premiering this video so more local paddlers can enjoy. I have no sponsors for this film, just the help of a few friends along the way and this will become an ongoing local series for you, the local PNW paddlers. enjoy.

I have decided to make a small quantity of this video to see how the interest goes, I am still in the process of setting up the 'buy now' feature on the site. If you would like a copy of the video before then you can contact me at crgproductions@gmail.com.

$15 per video and the contents include:

Intro-your PNW paddlers
Sullivan Creek, Washington
6 Mile Creek, Alaska
Hoffstadt Creek, Washington
Jacob Cruser's PNW missions
Toxic Waters Weekend in Hood River
Vancouver Island's very own, Gordon River
CRG Winter Update - It's been cold this winter
Wind River Race 2008
Canyon Creek Race 2008
Sunset Freestyle 2008
Charlie Munsey Interview - brought to you by Humbled by Water
CRG Spring Classics - Hike n Huck on Eagle Creek, Oregon
Working on plan B - Carnage reel
and more...

Extras include:
SOP - How to save your broken boat
SOP - 'The Bolen'
Jacob Cruser and crew on Eagle Creek, OR
B.C. main land Trip Report
Slide Show by Keel Brightman Photography
Litte White Celebration Day - April 27th, 2008

Music by: A band called L.I.F.E., Scull Soup, Quandry, Sandpeople, Silversafe, Son of Rust, Jesse Becker, Ari Lessser, & the infamous Fred Mackintire.

This weekend kicks it off and more premiere dates and details can be seen here on the Premieres page.
If you have any questions, comments, or if you would like a copy of Northwest Video Scrapbook VI contact me at crgproductions@gmail.com

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