A weekend in Boise, ID

This past weekend was the World Premiere of Northwest Video Scrapbook VI in Boise, Idaho. We rolled into the state late after a long drive from Hood River. We woke the next morning to the Climax wave and after an hour long session Mike Copeland arrived with more whitewater options.
We slowly made our way up to Banks for lunch then drove up to look at the N.F., and decided to have a stress free day on the S.F. of the Payette with about 3,400 cfs of great playboating.

Playing on the S.F of the Payette, ID

We made it to the take out just in time to load up and rally to the premiere held at O'Michaels Pub and Grill. It was great to see the crowd of Boise locals show up, everyone had a good time and we started making plans for the next day.
Some of the options included: Put in on the N.F. Payette running at 3,200 cfs, see if Succor creek is running in the morning, or go for a possible first D on a small ID creek that may or may not have water in it.

The drive into Succor Creek Canyon the next day

Succor Creek, Oregon

Check back next week for the full Trip Report on Succor Creek, Oregon.
Thanks to Mike Copeland for getting the Idaho crew together for the premiere.

Also, your next chance to see Nothwest Video Scrapbook VI on the big screen is in Bellingham, Washington, May 14th. Details are on the poster below

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