Win a free video * Upper Clack Fest Brief

With every video I put out I do a free video giveaway with a local trivia question. The last one was a L-Dub Spirit Falls history question back in December.

This one is a 'guess this waterfall question'. There is more than one copy up for grabs so send in you best guess!
Below is a picture from a recent expedition in the Pacific Northwest. We were in there for 2 days and ended up above this big waterfall that is listed on NW waterfall web sites and local trail maps, so if you can name this waterfall you will receive a free copy of Northwest Video Scrapbook VI shipped directly to you.

*also, check out the video here for more hintsPost in the comments with your best guess or email crgproductions@gmail.com
This giveaway will go until June 2nd. I will post the location of this waterfall as well as a TR on the expedition on June 3rd.

In other local news....
The Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival was bigger and better than ever! Thanks to all the organizer's & volunteer's for the hard work to make it an outstanding event!

Mass start through Carter's Rapid with the water level on the rise

Luke Spencer testing out the Big Air Ramp just before the competition

*Check back next week for a full report on the Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival 2008

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