Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival 2008

The Upper Clackamas River Festival has been going for 25 action packed years and this year proved that the Festival is still rolling strong. With a record high water level, 7,800cfs on saturday quickly rising over 9,000cfs on sunday, all the compeditors were excited to say the least. Day one was packed full of events starting with the Mass start Playboat Race...

and rolling into the IK Mass Start, Drift Boat Slalom, Oar Boat Slalom, High School Cup, and the Sotar West Coast Downriver Championship.

The last event of the day got the crowd going again at the Big Air Ramp. We took a few practice runs and then had two chances to 'wow' the crowd and make it to the final round where one trick could take the win.

There were varieties of tricks and styles with many paddlers huckin off this ramp. I took first in the Big Air Comp and fellow Hood River local, Todd Anderson dominated the Mass start Playboat Race and the Boater X the following morning. After the events on Saturday everyone took a break at Lockaby Campground courtesy of Next Adventure's Famous BBQ and the entertainment started with Year of the Cat, some adventurous local catarafters, followed by Northwest Video Scrapbook VI, more info on that here, and the festivities continued with David Elliott and Surefire. Other events followed that evening that were not part of the festival, such as how to plastic weld a boat by headlamp....

The next morning the events started with the Boater X, 4 paddlers at once had to navigate through set gates in the middle of Carter's Rapid flowing @9,500cfs. Shortly after the Catarafts, Ik's and Pro-Guides Slalom Race battled it out for top spots.

Once again Thank You to all the Volunteers, Organizers, and Sponsors for the 2008 Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival. Check upperclackamasfestival.org for 2008 race results and more on next years events.

*I've had a few close answers on the Free video give away, one more week left...

*What's better than dreamin of California boating?
Dreaming in California, on a sandy beach, 22 miles into a 32 mile multi day.....check back next week for an update.

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