M.F. Feather, CA - Day 3 (Devil's Canyon)

That morning I woke up to the Cali weather I had been dreaming of since we put on the river. We took advantage of the hot rocks to dry our gear and had a mellow morning getting ready. On the previous day the river seemed to be picking up more flow and getting on the 'filled in' side. Our first scout in the canyon was a recommended portage, but there was a good line. Zack showed us how it was done and a few of us followed. We continued downstream and found many more rapids as Devil's Canyon built into a big cascade below Pyramid rapid.

Boof in Slide day 3

The scenery was starting to change

Matt Gaudette running the double drop on day 3

...Pyramid Rapid

Rod Bart (top) & Shawn Lonin (below) at Pyramid Rapid

After Pyramid the river dropped over a ledge with a dangerous house sized rock in mid flow with water going under it. Most of us jumped on the portage trail on river right and walked the entire cascade of whitewater we saw downstream. Keel decided to hang back and roll through it with the R2 crew. We hiked down below, had lunch, and waited on the boys to paddle through. Everything worked out for them in the final drop, however, Keel underestimated the gradient loss at the bottom and finished up the line with positive beta from Jay who was a good distance downstream.

Looking down into the portage

Ethan Smith dropping in after the portage

The only mandatory rapid on day 3 - Helecotpter

Helecopter was our last scout and everyone bombed through this one after another. We paddled more great read & run, including Grande Finale rapid, down to the take out bridge and caught our shuttle out of the canyon. This take out is also the put in for Bald Rock Canyon, the hardest section on the MF, and it was hard to leave this river knowing that it would be possible to drop in right now. The shuttle logistics on the other hand would have to be dealt with so we reluctantly gave in and saved this one for another day. Part of the crew headed south and the rest of us went north, both in search of the same thing!

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