M.F. Feather, CA - Day 2 (Franklin Canyon)

Day two started out with the crew trying to dry out paddling and sleeping gear in the rain by the fire. Once we had boats loaded our first big rapid was right around the corner from camp. We scouted Franklin Falls, fired it up, and made our way deeper into the canyon.

Jay Gifford at the entrance to Franklin Canyon

Dropping in on Franklin Falls - wake up rapid, day 2

Matt Gaudette & Rob Bart scouting in the middle of the canyon

The rapids seemed to get bigger as we moved further downstream and every scout revealed a clean line through these classic pool drop rapids.

Rob Bart dropping in on the day 2 double drop

Jay Gifford cleaning up day 2 double drop

Duck the rock ledge and try to boof....

Jay on one of the many read & run rapids on day 2

Dan & Dave cleaning lines and lovin life

Having this many paddlers on a self support trip is entertaining to say the least. I've paddled with all but 3 of the paddlers in our group before this trip. The 3 paddlers that I had just met were obviously very skilled and even on day 1 everyone in the group felt good about our overall crew. The second night at camp I listened to Rob and Zack talk about some of the rapids that we would come across on our final day in the canyon. Words like: Pyramid Rapid, mandatory portage, a mandatory run through Helecopter Rapid, Double drop with a BIG hole at the bottom, a good step up in whitewater... these were enough to stir some mixed feelings when your faced with the inevitable. The fact that no matter what we are waking up in the morning, putting on the river, and dealing with all of these features that wait downstream, personally I was in heaven. Camped on a sandy beach on the side of the Pacific Crest Trail at the top of Devil's Canyon proper on the Middle Fork of the Feather, fueled by the two previous days of challenging but fun whitewater in a fully loaded boat, and everything I needed would fit neatly into my craft for one final day on my first Cali overnighter.....It really doesn't get much better than that!

*check back next week for Day 3 in Devils Canyon proper.

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