M. F. Feather, CA - Day 1

Middle Fork of the Feather, California (Devils Canyon section - 32.5 mile self support in 3 days)
Last minute plans always seem to work themselves out...Memorial Day weekend was a good time to celebrate and California was the place to be. We ended up on the M.F. of the Feather River and even with rain in the forecast for most of the trip it turned out to be 3 perfect days of kayaking on an amazing self support trip. Rob Bart & Zack were the two veterans of this run and informed us that almost everything was read & run and high quality!

Part of the crew getting ready at the put in
John Boone on one of the many rapids like this on day 1
We had a couple scouts on day one in the first canyon, but mostly just great read and run whitewater all the way to camp. The run is broken down into three seprate canyons with Devils Canyon proper on day 3. We paddled an estimated 11 miles on day one and anticipated a step up in whitewater the following day dropping into Franklin Canyon.

Dan & Dave from Tahoe getting into the goods

Richard running one of 3 lines on this rapid

Boone, Jay, Dave, Dan, Zack,& Ethan at camp

all photos courtesy of Keel Brightman Photography

*check back next week for the action on day 2


Jay Gifford said...


Nice Post. I look forward to seeing the rest of keels photos. What a great trip! Later..

Ethan said...

hey ryan, i just wanted to drop a public apology to Keel. I was confident that the LWS was done at 3.3. I told him that there was no way that the level was coming back up to 3.7, much less 4 feet. i flipped him shit for thinking that the creek would come up. So, i am eating crow and was just hoping that you would pass on the apology. I have never seen the LW come up this much in the spring since i have been in the northwest. let me know his beverage of choice. oh, and thanks for the level updates. they are crucial with 4 dollar gas.
-Paul Heffernan iampaulheffernan@hotmail.com

Ryan Scott said...

It's been a strange spring/summer here in the Gorge. We still can't drive over to the Cispus drainage via FR 23, the Salmon Canyon is still snowed in, and Rattlesnake is at it's prime level right now!

I think Keel's bev. of choice is the 'High Life'. No problem on the level update. Hopefully I'll see you and the rest of the high water crew out here soon.